Application Dependency Mapping (ADM)


This half-day course is designed to introduce the concepts and practice of ADM, which is essential for modern data centers and Zero Trust Security. Building on BTA's proven history of data center expertise, this course provides real-world guidelines for ADM. The student will understand ADM, and be ready to map their own applications.


  • Good grasp of networking concepts
  • Familiarity with the Linux command line


After the course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand Application Dependency Mapping
  • Describe what's missing from typical ADM engagements
  • Gather and analyze the appropriate resources for ADM
  • Use the ADM process to map their own applications

Target Audience

  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Systems Integrators
  • Application Owners
  • Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • DevOps Teams


One half-day


Instructor Led Training

Course Type

  • Lecture + Hands-on Lab
  • In-Person Delivery
  • Live via WebEx

Course Outline

Introduction to Application Dependency Mapping (ADM)

What is ADM? Why is it important? And what to most ADM exercises miss?

Application Overview

At its most basic, what is an application? How can we define application communications?

ADM Process

A three-phase process that results in a complete application dependency map.

ADM Inputs

Documentation: What is or should be available? Where do we find it?

Tools: Which tools are used when? What are the decision criteria, and capabilities, of different tools?

People: Who knows what? Whom should we talk to, and when?

ADM Outputs

Documentation Recommendations Rationale

ADM Lab Exercise

Implementing the processes & tools discussed to map out a real application

BTA is un-rivaled when it comes to getting complex DC ideas across to a technical audience.

Great teaching! Complexity simplified!

Best training experience by far, "A" rating end to end from the material, the way it was delivered, the trainer was amazing, a true expert and professional.

Outstanding instructor, fantastic venue, rock-solid lab with great exercises! All-around top-notch training experience - good job, everyone.

The instructor was excellent. Field experience showed and real-world example and problems are most useful.

One of the best courses I've taken.

The troubleshooting sessions were awesome.

The instructor understood our knowledge level entering the class and modified accordingly. Much appreciated.


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