Cisco Tetration Overview - Implementation

Cisco Tetration Overview Description

FOR CUSTOMERS & END-USERS. Tetration Analytics is the platform that discovers and monitors your applications - enabling the Zero Trust Model. This two-day ILT course will introduce Engineers and Operators to Tetration, and prepare them to implement it in their own networks. Students will discover, manage and monitor applications on a live lab environment.


  • Good grasp of networking concepts
  • Knowledge of Firewall and Load Balancer Principles
  • Fundamental Understanding of Network Protocols
  • Familiarity with the Linux command line

Cisco Tetration Overview Objectives

After the course attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the components of Tetration
  • Configure Tetration for use in a customer environment
  • Install and manage hardware and software agents
  • Conduct automated application dependency mapping
  • Manage and enforce application policies on a live network
  • Describe how to integrate Tetration telemetry with operational systems

Target Audience

  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Systems Integrators
  • Application Owners
  • Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • DevOps Teams


Two days


Instructor Led Training

Course Type

  • Lecture + Hands-on Lab
  • In-Person Delivery
  • Live via WebEx

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Tetration Overview

Lab 0 Accessing the Lab
Lab 1 Tetration Overview with Security Dashboard

Module 3: Tetration Solution Architecture

  • Architecture Overview
  • Data Collection
  • Analytics Engine
  • Open Access

Module 4: Planning and Deployment

  • Create scopes, roles, users
  • Sensor types and uses
  • Sensor deployment

Lab 2 Software Agent Installation

Module 5: Application Dependency Mapping

  • Overview
  • Analysis
  • Use Cases

Lab 3 Whitelist Policy Creation using ADM with Software Agents

Module 6: Whitelist Policy Enforcement

  • Policy Today
  • Capturing Intent
  • Challenges
  • Rules & Enforcement
  • Policy Simulation & Compliance

Lab 4 Segmentation Compliance with Policy

Module 7: Whitelist Policy Analysis

  • Overview
  • Enable Policy Analysis
  • Live Policy Analysis
  • Backdated Policy Experiments
  • Quick Policy Analysis

Lab 5 Segmentation Compliance Analysis

Module 8: Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

Module 9: Prevention - Before the Attacks

Lab 6 Identifying Malware & Vulnerable Hosts
Lab 7 Minimizing Attack Surfaces

Module 10: Quarantine and Remediation

Lab 8 Vulnerability Quarantine and Remediation

Module 11: Detection - During the Attacks

Lab 9 Identifying Data Leaks
Lab 10 Attack Detection and Quarantine

Module 12: Remediation - After the Attacks

Lab 11 Security Forensics

Module 13: Tetration Platform Monitoring

Module 14: Alerts & External Integrations

  • Tetration OpenAPI
  • User Apps

Module 99: Tetration Implementation Review

Chuck is a great presenter of this class material. Very knowledgeable with a terrific sense of humor...perfect for this class.

This was course was very beneficial and provided a good overview of the product for the varied audience that we had.

Thank you for not turning a training class into a marketing presentation!

Clearly articulated and concise. Most of our questions are answered. Thank You!


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