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Tetration Enablement Cisco Partner Training Description

FOR CISCO AND CISCO PARTNER TEAMS. Tetration Analytics is the platform that discovers and monitors your applications - enabling the Zero Trust Model. This two-day ILT course will introduce technical Sales Teams to Tetration, and prepare them to introduce it to their customers' networks. Students will discover, manage and monitor applications on a live lab environment. THIS IS A CISCO PARTNER TRAINING CLASS IS DESIGNED FOR CISCO AND CISCO PARTNER TEAMS. A or partner email address will be required for attendance.


  • Good grasp of networking concepts
  • Knowledge of Firewall and Load Balancer Principles
  • Fundamental Understanding of Network Protocols
  • Familiarity with the Linux command line

Tetration Enablement Cisco Partner Training Objectives

  • Describe the components of Tetration Analytics
  • Configure Tetration for use in a customer environment
  • Install and manage hardware and software agents
  • Conduct automated application dependency mapping
  • Manage and enforce application policies on a live network
  • Descibe how to integrate Tetration telemetry with operational systems
  • Understand how to position and sell Tetration solutions

Target Audience

  • Technical Sales Teams
  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Systems Integrators
  • Application Owners
  • Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • DevOps Teams


Two days


Instructor Led Training

Course Type

  • Lecture + Hands-on Lab
  • In-Person Delivery
  • Live via WebEx

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Tetration Overview
    Lab 0 Accessing the Lab
    Lab 1 Tetration Overview with Security Dashboard
  3. Workload Protection Solution Architecture
    Lab 2 Explore Application & Policy
  4. Planning and Deployment
    Lab 3 Software Agent Installation
  5. Application Dependency Mapping
    Lab 4 Whitelist Policy Creation using ADM with Software Agents
  6. Tetration Platform Monitoring
  7. Whitelist Policy Enhancement
    Lab 5 Segmentation Compliance with Policy
  8. Whitelist Policy Analysis
    Lab 6 Compliance Analysis & Policy Change Request
  9. Prevention - Before the Attacks
    Lab 7 Identifying Malware & Vulnerable Hosts
    Lab 8 Minimizing Attack Surfaces
  10. Quarantine and Remediation
    Lab 9 Vulnerability Quarantine and Remediation
  11. Detection - During the Attacks
    Lab 10 Identifying Network Anomalies
    Lab11 Attack Detection and Quarantine
  12. Remediation - After the Attacks
    Lab 12 Security Forensics
  13. Alerts & External Integrations
  14. Positioning & Competitive

99 Tetration Implementation Review

The instructor was excellent! Great conversation around Tetration and the deep dive and hands-on was perfect in helping understand Tetration. Wish I could attend this over and over to keep the information fresh.

The instruction was very helpful in understanding the product and how to present it out. Gave me a better insight into how it can fit into my companies overall portfolio and strategy.

It was more than an introduction. Thank you for showing us the future.

The class was great and well designed.

Really solid training, useful spent time.

Very good coverage and ability to ask questions during the presentation.

As a beginner to Tetration the course content was more than sufficient to help me get a better understanding of the product & assist in understanding its design & processes.

A great course and a great instructor.

Informative structured and compelling.

Wow! - Certainly an eye-opener in terms of advancements in data analytics. Cisco Tetration is clearly a game-changer for both consumers and providers of security services.

Great course - should prove useful.

Content was very well put together.

Really interesting and relevant.

Dana the presenter was excellent in his approach and delivery - handled QA from a wide audience with grace and style. Was well informed of the subject matter and its impact on the ICT market.

Excellent knowledge, very helpful and a pleasant communications style.

Dana rocks.

The instructor was brilliant, very informative and answered all questions.

Showcased the product use cases - labs were easy to follow and well written.

The lab was very helpful for illustrating the ideas detailed in the presentations.

Really really good 3 days and feel a real sense of pride to have been able to attend. I feel this will really help my customers to understand their applications in much more detail than previously thought.

Content was really well structured.

Labs were nicely documented and highlighted the value of Tetration nicely.


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