Tetration Setup Service 

Rapid and cost-effective Tetration-as-a-Service setup by engineers with real-world Tetration experience.

What is The Service?

The BTA Tetration Setup engagement is designed to quickly configure and provision Tetration-as-a-Service (TaaS) for practical Customer use. At the end of the Setup, the Customer will have a fully configured Tetration installation, with associated documentation.

Why BTA?

We Have the Hands-On Tetration Experience You Need.

BTA has been building and teaching Tetration enablement and implementation courses to partners and customers all over the world.

BTA's Tetration Setup Includes:

  • Initial site configuration
  • Setup troubleshooting and configuration validation
  • Software Sensor Deployment Assistance (up to 100 endpoints)
  • Best Practice Scope Design

  • Application Dependency Mapping analyses for up to 2 applications
    - Up to 100 endpoints total
    - One post-run analysis session for each
    - Up to 1 additional ADM optimization run, per application
    - Inter-workspace applications ARE supported, as needed
  • Up to 5 days from start to finish
    - Up to 1 day onsite
    - Remote configuration and deliverable debrief
  • Application Debrief and Knowledge Transfer session
    - Up to 2 hours in up to 1 session
    - For up to 12 customer personnel
  • Deliverables
    - As-Built Tetration installation Documentation
    - Application Description Documentation
    - Endpoint and Policy Configurations

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