Tetration Deployment Service 

Rapid and cost-effective customer setup by engineers with real-world Tetration experience. Deploy Tetration for your customer with the experts. Services for Tetration-V and Tetration as a Service.

What is The Service?

The BTA Tetration Setup engagement is designed to quickly configure and provision Tetration for practical customer use. At the end of the Setup, the customer will have a fully configured Tetration installation, with associated documentation.

Why BTA?

We Have the Hands-On Tetration Experience You Need.

BTA has been building and teaching Tetration enablement and implementation courses to partners and customers all over the world.

BTA's Tetration Setup Includes:

  • Tetration software installation on Customer Servers (Tetration-V only)
  • Initial site configuration
  • Setup troubleshooting and configuration validation
  • Software Sensor Deployment Assistance (up to 100 endpoints)
  • Application Dependency Mapping analyses for up to 2 applications
    - Up to 100 endpoints total
    - One post-run analysis session for each
    - Up to 1 additional ADM optimization run, per application
    - Inter-workspace applications ARE supported, as needed
  • Up to 5 days from start to finish
    - Up to 1 day onsite
    - Remote configuration and deliverable debrief
  • Application Debrief and Knowledge Transfer session
    - Up to 2 hours in up to 1 session
    - For up to 12 customer personnel
  • Deliverable
    - As-Built Tetration installation Documentation
    - Application Description Documentation
    - Endpoint and Policy Configurations

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