IT Process Automation

IT teams are constantly asked to do more with less budget. Marrying cost to business agility requires automation. Properly designed IT process automation allows existing teams to accomplish more at a faster rate while reducing the risk of manual operations.

Our Approach

Scalability & Repeatability

BTA approaches automation with two primary goals: scalability and repeatability. We build processes that scale up with your organizations needs while being simple and replicable across your environment.


Private Cloud



NetDevOps takes an 'Infrastructure-as-code' approach to network systems. This allows for agile iterative processes of automated testing, QA, and deployment of changes on the network.

Private Cloud

The core of private cloud is automation. Automated change management across infrastructure silos is the foundation upon which cloud operating models are built.


DevOps is not just for software companies. Applying AGILE principles to software release cycles enhances business agility while reducing the risk of large infrequent software changes.

IT Process Automation

person selecting a globe in a transparent screen to depict IT process automation

Service Offerings 

DevOps, NetDevOps, SecNetDevOps – it’s all grounded in Culture, Process, and Tools that deliver on the promise of Automation & Orchestration. BTA has been deploying, and using, all of these since our inception, and we offer a suite of services to help you.

Technology Workshops

Cut through the hype, focus on business requirements and real technological capabilities, and deliver actual business benefit with technical expertise

Modular Advanced Automation Training

Hands-on practice on live systems,
with top-rated instructors who also deploy automation in the field


Simplify the Complex


Align business and mission objectives


Identify supporting technology


Architect a solution and adoption plan


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