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Large global financial with a business requirement for enhanced security and compliance. Due to the rapid rate-of-change an agile security methodology was required to ensure tighter security controls did not cause a reduction in IT responsiveness. Cisco's Tetration was chosen for workload protection delivered as 'micro-segmentation'. Through an extensive proof-of-value (PoV) process Tetration was shown to rapidly deliver granular security zones within the existing perimeter security while maintaining the required visibility and agility to keep pace with the business. Business Technology Architects (BTA) was chosen to deliver the PoV and adoption services.

Business Drivers for Product Purchase

Due to recent public breaches of similar companies the executive team mandated an assessment and modernization of the overall security architecture of combined on and off-premises technology stack.

Internal assessment and review of modern security strategies led to a decision to push security out to the workload edge and create granular security zones based on real-time traffic analysis. Cisco's Tetration was chosen for this purpose due to its unique combination of deep security analysis, edge enforcement, and forensics capabilities. Read on to learn more about how we helped our customer succeed in this Network Security Case Study.

Deciding Factors for Utilizing BTA for Adoption Services

BTA was engaged by the Cisco team to assist in the product sales phase and specifically to design and deploy a PoV within the customers environment tailored to their use-case. The PoV process enabled the customer to understand the level of service and expertise BTA brought to the table.

For the production product roll-out the customer had short-time frames and limited internal expertise. The agreed upon requirement was for 3 rd party services to deploy the product, build and enforce security, and enable the operational staff.

BTA's full suite of adoption services provided the desired outcome. Technical delivery paired with mentoring, formal training, operational runbooks, and roles/responsibilities matrix would ensure the customer could operationalize the new technology quickly without the need for additional staff.

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Network Security Case Study Outcome

The production roll-out built upon the foundation created within the PoV, and lessons learned there. BTA worked with various customer operational teams to deploy Tetration and integrate it with 3 rd party products such as ServiceNow. With Tetration deployed new policy was discovered, built, tested, and enforced. The entire engagement was completed within 6 months.


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