Networks are the backbone of connectivity in a world where nothing operates in isolation. A holistic end-to-end approach to networking is required for performance, security, and scale.

Our Approach

Communication Backbone

BTA's connectivity expertise spans all domains of networking with architects that focus on cross-domain integration. Our approach to connectivity alleviates the issues that arise when treating network domains as silos.


Network Modernization



NetDevOps takes an 'Infrastructure-as-code' approach to network systems. This allows for agile iterative processes of automated testing, QA, and deployment of changes on the network.

Network Modernization

Modernizing networks doesn't require a 'rip-and-replace' methodology. We approach network modernization with a focus on refresh, renew, and reuse. This allows for a smooth transition from legacy models to modern architectures with a reduced overall cost.


Software-Defined-Networking provides tolls for removing reliance on individual device and command line configuration by treating networks as holistic managed systems.


Simplify the Complex


Align business and mission objectives


Identify supporting technology


Architect a solution and adoption plan


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