Digital Transformation's Trail Guide

The tech industry has a love of buzzwords. New ideas come forth, are christened with catchy names like SDN, and are quickly defined, redefined and white-washed into complete uselessness. Most of these buzzwords define point in time products, solutions, or architectures. Every few years something different crops up, a buzzword that defines a transition, or a journey if you will.

The trail in the photo above is part of a journey around the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It connects to other trails that circle the base of the mountain. Digital transformation is like that journey in its circular nature. We move from trail to trail as the technology matures. We digitally transformed from silo computing to networks, memo to email, and copper phonelines to digital voice. It's time to begin the next leg of the journey.

This leg of the journey might be best termed 'digital first'. The mindset that technology systems must be ready to deploy, adapt, and scale new ideas at a moment's notice. We live in a world where things unfathomable 10 years ago transpire unnoticed daily. For example, a few years back Tesla issued a software update for their vehicles that allowed new, enhanced, 'ludicrous' acceleration. 10 years ago nobody would believe that acceleration improvement like that could happen without a trip to the auto mechanic and a ton of money.

Companies bottom line depends on their ability to outmaneuver their competition and they have more competition than ever. The barriers to entry in every business vertical are being blown away by new technology daily. Existing IT systems, and the organizations built around them weren't designed for this type of change. This means the startups actually gain the advantage.

Businesses must rapidly adopt new information system methodologies and operational processes to meet this challenge. Luckily for them they don't have to do it alone. Like the lonely trail shown above, there are guides that have been down this path. Guides that have helped customers transform. Guides who know the easy routes, the rest stops, the right gear, and the right methods. Guides like BTA.

At the heart of BTA is an organization that passionately believes in technology simplicity. An organization that uses that passion to drive customer adoption of technology. Our ability to keep an eye on the future with two feet firmly planted in the now allows us to lead our customers on digital transformation journeys.


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