ACI Health Check Plus

Are you getting the most out of your ACI fabric? Are you running the latest long-lived release, with key features that provide direct business value? Are you using Network & Policy Analytics to prevent and speedily resolve issues? Optimize your ACI experience, and accelerate your business, with BTA's ACI Health Check+.

What is the Health Check+?

This engagement will enhance the business value of your ACI fabric by optimizing your deployment. An ACI Expert will evaluate your current deployment, provide expert recommendations, and guide you through upgrades to the latest long-lived software release.

Health Check Plus Workshop

What is the Outcome?

Your fabric will be expertly aligned to your business needs, running current code that supports next-generation analytics - virtually self-managing the network.


An ACI expert will start with an interactive 3-step process to guide your team to optimizing and using your ACI fabric.

1. Identify current pain points or issues
2. Address training gaps
3. Provide best practice architecture design

Next, we'll mentor your team through any required upgrades to the latest long-lived software release. We'll be following our SIMPLE process, proven over hundreds of ACI fabric deployments.

Current software will enable next-generation network analytics, which we'll demonstrate with your network information. These analytics identify and prevent most common network issues and provide rapid resolution for any others.

Why BTA?

BTA is a product independent architectural consulting firm. Our business is simplifying technology transition for your business. Our architects and engineers all come from your world, supporting applications and infrastructure in sup- port of the business and the mission. Our offerings range from consulting and implementation to training and managed service. We have the independent, real-world experience you need.

Optimize your Fabric with an ACI Health Check+ today

ACI Health Check+ Guide 


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