ACI Health Check 

Has your ACI deployment "plateaued"? Are there capabilities you want to enable, but just can't get into production? Are you looking for guidance to move out of the lab? An ACI Health Check may be just what you need.


An ACI Health Check is focused on helping you clear any challenges or issues that are preventing you from getting the most out of your ACI fabric.

Health Check Details


An ACI expert will spend 2 days onsite with your team. This expert will follow an interactive 3-step process to guide your team to optimizing and using your ACI fabric.

1. Identify current pain points or issues
Our ACI expert will start the session with a brief guided interview to identify and isolate the specific pain points re- lated to your ACI fabric. These may be technical, business, and/or process related.

2. Address training gaps
This is a mentoring engagement, so there will be knowledge transfer training as the current issues are tackled. Additionally, if your team's only ever had 2-day SE-type training sessions, you're likely missing out on key topics like access policy configuration, vzAny, or inband management. Or perhaps your key ACI-trained resource has left the company. Our ACI expert will assess whether training gaps are a critical issue, and then spend some time teaching to those gaps.

3. Best practice architecture design
The Health Check will conclude with addressing the current issues through best practices. Our ACI expert will evaluate the current architecture, and make field-tested recommendations to best prepare your fabric to meet the needs of your business.


We do need a few things to guarantee success:

  • A room with whiteboards
  • Projector
  • Internet access
  • Remote access to ACI fabric
  • Customer leads involved in the project
  • Any documentation available

ACI Health Check Guide 


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